Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas

Copying everyone else, I have posted a picture of our Christmas tree. As you can see ours is not even in the same plantae division as a proper Christmas tree, but we had to improvise. Neither of us are Christmas tree type people, I grew up with a fake one and Will sometimes didn't even have one, so a tree was pretty low on the holiday to-do list. Also, do you see those Christmas lights in the background? That is pretty much the full extent of our Christmas decor. Next year you'll decorate, Carrie, next year.

The cat in the background in none other than Donny, our food lovin' kitty. I had a hard time getting him to look at me. He knows his name, but being a cat, he only responds when it suits him. I finally got him to look at me by saying "food".

This isn't much of a Christmas post, but Merry Christmas anyway. I'll post my year in review as my final post of 2007. Also, now that I have some time, my OCD is back in action! Look for revisions and perhaps some order and organization to my posts. The rambling and ranting will remain however.


Sariah said...

Merry Christmas! I seriously love your Christmas tree! Very low maintanince and you can have it up all year! How very festive of you!

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright! Got your card in the mail today! Better late than never! Thanks! I look forward to your year in review! I love that your back in action! I love to read your blog...seriously. You're hilarious.

Sariah said...

Yeah, that you would be 'maintenance'. I haven't had my 3rd diet pepsi lime for the day...sorry!

Roxy said...

I love your bazzare style. Glad you had something of a Christmas Tree. Hope next years might be a little taller then you. Sorry if you don't get a card from me this year. I went to all that effort to not sent them. I had all this Baby sitting and more baby sitting to do. More excuses I'll try harder next year. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Talk to you next year.